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With over two decades of competitive soccer playing experience (youth, college, overseas) and 15+ years of coaching and training experience, TEKKRS understands what works and we understand how important cost can be.

As former players who are now in the training arena we fully understand how effective functional training can be in the development of any athlete. We also know how expensive it can be to purchase training equipment. Which is why we have focused our time to create quality products at a quality price that everyone can afford. We bet, that if you compared our products with our competitors and then compared the prices it would be a very easy decision for you to make. 

At TEKKRS our goal is to have quality products that are functional at a quality price. 


As prior players and now trainers we know the feeling of what making an impact on a players life can be like. The feeling of knowing that you played a part in some ones life to make an impact is a feeling we hope everyone can have. 

With that said, we would like the opportunity to help and support as many players as possible. That is why TEKKRS is committed to donating 5% of all profits to help fund scholarships to play. 

We will work with groups and organizations to help fund scholarships for players who are dedicated to improving and becoming TEKKRS. 

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Training Academy Owner

“Being a trainer is an expensive passion. There are fees for fields, insurance, gear, and training equipment. TEKKRS has done a great job bridging that gap between quality and price. The equipment they have equals top brands at a fraction of the cost.”

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