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TEKKRS was created to fill a void in the training equipment arena between products that are priced too high and products that are too low of quality. By filling this gap, we can provide quality training equipment at lower costs, which creates the unique ability for organizations to provide their coaches and players with the necessary equipment to run successful training sessions as well as providing players access to equipment they might not regularly have.


Our partnership program is managed and operated by TEKKRS. With our partnership program you will have one contact who will be your go-to person for all things TEKKRS.

TEKKRS Discounts

  • Waterfall discounted pricing. The more you spend the more you save.

    • Bulk Order Discounts                  Discount Amount

      • $0 - $2,500​                             No Discount

      • $2,501 - $3,500                      2%

      • $3,501 - $4,500                      3%

      • $4,501+                                  4%

    • Partnership Discounts                 Discount Amount

      • $0 - $2,500                             No Discount​

      • $2,501 - $3,500                      5%

      • $3,501 - $4,500                      6%

      • $4,501+                                  7%

Two focuses only: Soccer and Speed & Agility​

  • We don't try to be something that we're not. Being in the training industry for so long we know our lane and we stay in it. We are soccer people who have experience and knowledge in training soccer players on the following: 

  1. Technical ​

  2. Tactical

  3. Fitness

  4. Speed & Agility 

Goals for the TEKKRS Partnership Program

  • To create quality training products with quality pricing.

  • To create long lasting partnerships with college programs, clubs, teams, and organizations to be their primary equipment provider.

Contact us today to discuss discounts and partnerships!

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