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Transform your workouts and take your agility and performace to the next level with our premium agility Coaching Sticks! Improve speed, dribbling, body mechanics, improve mechanics for injury prevention, and enhance your coordination.  


Our Coaching Sticks come in a set of 4 with rubber bases so that they can be used on grass or turf. 4 poles (36 inches) and 1 carrying case. 


Key Features:

  1. Durable Construction: solid rubber base and plactic poles.
  2. Versatile Training: use these as defenders for training, obstructions to manuever around, agility poles for footwork and speed, and more!
  3. Easy Set-up: two pieces - rubber base and bright neon pole.
  4. Compact and Portable: the four poles and bases fit easily in the carry case and is light enough to be carried anywhere on the pitch. 


Height: 36" without base connection / 37" with base connection


Most companies require you to purchase their agility poles seperate from the weighted bases. Our Coaching Stick set is for those trainers, players, and coaches who find themselves on different surfaces throughout their sessions. No bulky rubber bases and all will fit together in one carry case. 

Coaching Sticks

SKU: 0006
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