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TEQ SMART, as an innovative piece of sport equipment, is the fantastic foldable version of TEQ ONE. TEQ tables are made to meet our exacting standards of quality and durability, with TEQ SMART having the added advantage of being mobile, indoor or outdoor.


Features and benefits

  • Pro table: used in competitions
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Weatherproof
  • Waterproof
  • UV proof
  • Mobile
  • Foldable
  • Individual training
  • Transparent net


Material information

  • Plexiglass (PMMA)  net
  • Fine-structured high pressure laminate (HPL) table top
  • Steel leg structure with anti-corrosive coating



  • Length: 3 m
  • Height: 0.9 m (with plexiglass net), 0.76 m (without plexiglass net)
  • Width: 1.5 m (without plexiglass net)
  • Plexiglass net width: 1.7 m
  • Folded length: 0.76m
  • Folded height: 1.8m
  • Folded width: 1.5 m (without plexiglass net)
  • Half folded length (for solo practice): 1.88 m
  • Half folded height (for solo practice): 1.8 m
  • Half folded width(for solo practice): 1.5 m (without plexiglass net)
  • Weight: 168 kg
  • Leg structure color: dark grey
  • Table top color: dark grey
  • Net color: transparent


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