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3 Reasons A Soccer Rebounder Is For You

A key component of soccer development is the need for repetition. Soccer players of all levels use rebounders to help them in their development, and coaches/trainers all over the world use rebounders to assist in training sessions, and pre-game warmups.

Rebounders have many different advantages. Below are some of our favorite reasons to own a rebounder either as a players or a coach/trainer:

  1. Skill Improvement: rebounders allow players to work on various skills suck as passing, shooting, heading, first touch, trapping, and more. Using a rebounder can allow a player to mimic game-line situations, honing techniques, accuracy, and ball control. Consistent training with a rebounder can significantly improve a players skills, leading to better overall performance on the pitch.

  2. Solo Training: one major advantage to a soccer rebounder is that it enables a person to do some solo training without the need of another person. Players can practice independently without a coach or trainer. They can practice at home, in an open field, on a soccer pitch, and depending on the quality of the rebounder they can practice rain or shine! Rebounders also allow players to focus on specific areas progressing them faster to become more versatile in a game.

  3. Versatility and Fun: soccer rebounders come in various shapes and sizes. Some are designed for ground passing and shooting, while others are better suited for volleys and header practicing. The best rebounders allow you do both - like the TEKKRS Player Rebounder. The challenge of controlling the ball and aiming accurately at the rounder adds an element of fun to the practice.

Players young and old and at all levels use soccer rebounders. In additional to players - soccer rebounders are becoming more prevalent in professional soccer training environments. For instance college soccer programs across the country use the TEKKRS Player Rebounder along with the TEK Goal which make a great training combination.

Here is a partial list of the college soccer programs who trust TEKKRS to provide quality training gear:

and many more!

We're a little biased, but, we believe our soccer rebounder is for all players of all ages. And, we just think ours a little better - we think you will agree!

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