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Score BIG with Soccer Mini Goals

Mini goals for soccer are used by soccer clubs, college programs, coaches, and players world wide. They play a significant role in the development and enjoyment of soccer for both children and adults. Here are some reasons why mini goals are important:

TEKKRS TEK Goal soccer training

Mini goals have a major benefit for Skill Development. They provide a designated target for players to aim at when practicing their finishing and distribution abilities. Personally, I like the the mini goals which are smaller than the traditional 6'x4' size for training. The players I work with only use the TEKKRS TEK Goal because the size is 4'x2'7" which challenges the player to focus more on the accuracy and targeting rather than hitting to an 'object'. I'm also a firm believer in 'aim small

miss small'.

A secondary benefit to owning your own mini goal is that you can setup and practice Anytime. Whether you have friends over at your house and you want to get a small game in. If you're at the park and want to get a mini training session started. If you're a coach and want to provide your players with an easy and quick small sided game set-up. One thing that we've seen the most of when it comes to our TEKKRS TEK Goal and college programs, is that our TEK Goals are easily transportable and a lot of college coaches bring them on the road with the team to make sure they can get a quality practice session while on road trips.

More than anything the TEKKRS TEK Goals offer the ability to break into games and just have Fun with friends and family. The TEK Goals offer the ability to pack up and transport with ease. They set up in under 15 seconds, faster than 95% of the competition, and they store in an easy to hold carry bag and transport flat in the trunk of a car or back area of a van.

As a coach and trainers I've used goals from SKLZ, Bownet, Forza, Pug, and many more. NONE can stand up to the quality and function that we have created at TEKKRS. Don't take my word on that. Just look at all of the college programs that are currently using TEKKRS for their programs.

Mini goals play a major role in soccer training and development for players of all ages. And it's obvious that not all mini goals are equal. As a prior player, coach, trainer I'm familiar with how much something like the TEK Goal can level up your soccer training. They help with skill development, creating training sessions, and contribute to overall enjoyment, growth, and passion for soccer.

- BJ D. (Soccer Trainer)

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